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Joe Has The Buyers!



You may not have even called me yet, but I have already laid the groundwork to sell your home!

Every day I personally place multiple ads to attract buyers. From those ads, I have pre-qualified over 1,000 serious buyers.  Each buyer has also completed an extensive questionnaire about the type of home they’re looking for.  Just think -- one of my buyers may be looking to purchase a home just like yours today.

My buyers are ready.
I take my buyers seriously. I have talked at length with each one about our general market economy and the neighborhoods they have pre-qualified to purchase a home in.  They are already familiar with your neighborhood and its price ranges. If your home matches their criteria, we could have your home sold in less than a week!

Your first step in moving is to call me.

If you’re interested in having me show your home to one of the over 1000 buyers in my database, You Should Call Me at 702-373-0628

Who knows? It's likely that we have a buyer who’s describing your home!

To Get Buyers To Your Front Door Call Joe At 702-373-0628 And Start Packing!


While every agent will promise to sell your home the reality of the real estate market today is that most agents will list your home and THEN start looking for a buyer for it. Joe Already Has The Buyers!

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When I decided to move out of state it was important to me that I hire an agent that could sell my home, no ifs, ands, or buts because I would be buying a home there. I met with Joe and he SHOWED ME his list of Buyers. In fact, because of this I hired Joe even though my son’s best friend from high school was a realtor. I couldn’t be happier. We got multiple offers and my house was sold in 39 days for 11% more money than the other homes in my area which meant an extra $32,521 in my pocket. I would recommend Joe Cusimano to anyone who wants to get their home sold.  - Dorothy C. Las Vegas NV

Seller Testimonial 2  Pic.jpg
After trying to sell for 9 months with another agent with no results, it was time for a change. I spoke with Joe and he showed me that he has a list of serious buyers and so I hired him. We got a cash offer and we closed in 18 days. Oh, and the best part was Joe negotiated with the buyers and got them to raise their offer $10,000! – Lorraine J.   Henderson NV


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