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  • What Our Clients Have To Say...

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    "We hired Joe in part because he has the buyers. I can’t think of anything he should’ve done differently. We are happy with his service and would recommend him to anyone we know looking to sell a home.”
    Jon S.

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    "We wanted to sell our home and we wanted the best agent we could find. We saw Joe’s guaranteed sale program and called him. We met with Joe and were impressed with the fact that he actually had buyers. We hired Joe at that time even though we knew a lot of agents who all wanted to list our home.  Joe marketed our home and brought us a buyer in 26 days and it sold for $13,000 more than the same home down the street." Doug R.

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    We hired Joe, he put our home on the market on Thursday. He contacted his Buyers In Waiting and by that Saturday we had multiple offers and sold for $10,000 over the appraised value. We thought we could get a good price or sell quickly but Joe exceeded our expectations and gave us both.

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    There are few things more stressful then selling a home on a short timeline due to the military. Joe Cusimano sold my home in 6 days over list price while still closing within my timeline. Bottom line his honesty and punctuality made the sale of my home the easiest part of my civilian transition. For all my Las Vegas military catching orders ect. give Joe Cusimano and his team your business for a stress-free experience. Garrett and Susan T. 

    Kiowa Pointe Testimonial pic.jpg
    I saw Joe's ad and was intrigued by his guarantee to sell your home. Well sell it he did, we got $3,000 more than our asking price in only 2 days. Joe's system works, his team is professional and we would recommend him to our friends and family.
    Jim and Carolyn W. - Las Vegas NV



    "When Joe says he has the buyers, he’s not kidding. I had so many showings that I had to take my min-pin to boarding. I can’t believe how fast and easy Joe made the process. I hired Joe on Saturday and by Tuesday we had multiple offers and I got $2,000 more than any other home like mine that sold in years. I had friends all recommending different agents that I should hire but, I hired Joe and Wow am I glad I did!"

    ~Bella L.—Henderson, NV


    "I interviewed 9 realtors. So, I really did do my due diligence and I wound up picking Joe and his team and I couldn’t be more happy. We previously had it listed with another agent and it didn’t sell and had a extremely horrible experience the first time but this time when we went with Joe it was just so easy and much less than I had encountered. It was a very large home, custom home on a decent size lot and it was one of those houses that takes a while to sell because you have to find the right match but to do it in 28 days to me was a miracle and I couldn’t be more and especially at 100% of asking price. So, we couldn’t be happier. We’re just really excited!!!”

    ~Pami and Steven S.—Henderson, NV

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    "I first contacted Joe about 4 months before I planned on listing my home for sale. He was offering a free report for homeowners about his 9 step system for selling homes. I wasn’t ready to do anything right then but Joe stayed in touch with me like he said he would. When the time came  we met and I was amazed at how many buyers he had. I hired Joe in February and told him I needed to be moved by April. As it turned out we got multiple offers before we even had the pictures taken, one of which I accepted in only 13 days and ended up getting $6,900 more for my home than the others around me that sold." What our clients have to say...

    ~Sue B.—Las Vegas, NV

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    "Our home was on the market with another agent for 6 months without selling. Joe called me when the contract elapsed and I was so disappointed in realtors that I just about hung up on him. He was very persistent and offered to show me his book of buyers. We told him we wanted buyers through the house and that’s just what he did. He kicked off the new listing with an  open house and  invited some of the buyers his team is working with. We ended up with roughly 40 buyers through the house that first weekend and Joe sold our home in 18 days at our asking price. We didn’t believe him when he called  but  Joe really does have the buyers."

    ~Jeff and Sherry S.—Henderson, NV


    "We  had  our home  listed with another agent for  over 4 months  and just  nothing was happening and we knew it was time for a change. I saw Joe’s flyer and contacted him. Joe came out and showed us his aggressive marketing including the TV advertising. We were so afraid of getting burned again that my wife actually said “So if you suck like the last agent can we fire you?” Joe showed us that he was so motivated to sell our home that if the buyer for our home had a home to sell that he would step in and buy their home if needed so they could buy ours“. Joe sold our home at our asking price in less than 1/3 of the time it was listed with the other agent that failed to sell it. Every member of his team were very good, the communication was great and we give Joe and his team our highest recommendation."

    ~Frank and Linda M.—Henderson, NV

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    "Selling your home can be stressful and we had our ups and downs with buyers having trouble with financing but Joe and his team made it as stress free as possible. Because of that it took a little longer than we thought but in the end Joe sold our home for almost 100% of our asking price in 21 days with a CASH offer."

    ~Tom and Sherry D.—Las Vegas, NV


    "I called Joe because I had spent 6 months on the market with another agent with nothing to show for it and I didn’t want that same thing to happen again. Joe came over and showed me his book of buyers, how he goes about finding so many buyers and how his team works. I didn’t really expect things to happen so soon but we  had a ton of showings and an  offer within 12 days. Joe did everything he said he would and the  communication was  outstanding.  It really is a breath of fresh air these days when someone does what they say they’re going to do. I’ve sold a few homes over the years and Joe was the first agent to ever show up to the closing with  me. I would hire  him again  and  that’s  the  highest  recommendation anyone can give."

    ~Dennis B.—Henderson, NV


    "When I decided to move out of state it was important to me that I hire an agent that could sell my home. I met with Joe and he SHOWED ME his list of Buyers. In fact, because of this I hired Joe even though my son’s best friend from high school was a realtor. I couldn’t be happier. We got multiple offers and my house was sold in 39 days for 11% more money than other homes in my area which meant an extra $32,521 in my pocket. I would recommend Joe Cusimano to anyone who wants to get their home sold."

    ~Dottie C. - Las Vegas, NV

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    "When Joe says he has the buyers, it's true! We listed our house with Joe on Friday and had a full price offer by Monday. Joe's team made sure we only had to move once by negotiating the closing to coincide with our closing on our next home out of state. I don't think we could've had an easier time.  We highly recommend Joe to anyone who wants to sell their home."

    ~Bob and Garnet K. - Las Vegas, NV


    "There were other homes similar to mine in the area up for sale at the same time, but with Joe’s system, mine sold for $12,000 more than another one that sold with a different agent. I’m buying my next property with him and my daughters have already spoken with him as well."

    ~Bob W. - Henderson, NV


    “I was looking to sell my home and was  referred to Joe by a friend from church that had used his team to sell  her home. I needed as much  money as possible for my move so I decided to interview 3 other agents - what a waste of time that was!  When Joe came in, he was completely professional. He had the best marketing plan. He had more tools to sell my home than any of the three other agents combined. With the professionalism that he talked to me with, I decided to go with Joe and his team. And I’m very pleased that I did. Within 9 days the house was  sold, I  got 99.43% of the  asking  price and everything  just worked  out  perfectly."

    ~Judy G. - Las Vegas NV


    "After trying to sell for 9 months with another agent with no results, it was time for a change. Joe brought a cash offer and we closed in 18 days. Oh, and the best part was Joe negotiated with the buyers and got them to raise their offer $10,000."

    ~Lorraine J  - Henderson, NV

    dick and rosie.jpg

    "Joe, You were so helpful in getting me and my family through the short sale. I would definitely recommend you to anyone to going going through the process!"

    ~Mike & Traci S. - Las Vegas, NV


    "Joe Sold it in 60 Days for $15,636 more than the other homes in the area were selling for. The job he did for me was great. He really reviewed the offer carefully, explained everything and negotiated everything aggressively with the buyer's agent so that I ended up with more than the list price! I really feel feel he worked in my best interest.

    ~Don M. - Las Vegas, NV


    "I had my house listed for almost a year and a half with two difference companies. Finally, I decided to call Joe because I knew that Joe could move the house - he had the recording for doing it. I listed with Joe and he sold it for 100% of my asking price.

    ~Andree A. - Henderson, NV


    "Joe and his team communicated very well will us. They kept us informed regarding all showings and feedback. The offer came through quickly and was tied up within a week. This was a major improvement over the previous experience we had before with another agent."

    ~Xiaowei L. - Las Vegas, NV

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    "I listed with Joe Cusimano even though I have 2 friends in real estate because he showed me he had real systems and a real plan to get my home sold. Joe guaranteed to sell my home in 27 days or he'd pay me $1,000. When it took a little longer than that he kept his word and paid me the $1,000 at closing."

    ~Tom C. - Las Vegas, NV

    tony g.jpg

    "Joe... It has been a real pleasure meeting with you and agreeing on the bestselling price for our house. It was only on the market for 5 weeks, and it sold for 99% of our asking price. We are extremely pleased with our association and would recommend you to anyone who wants a great experience selling their home!"
    ~Tony G. - Henderson, NV

    "I tried to sell my house on my own and wasn't successful. I ended up wasting a lot of my time. I chose Joe to represent me in the sale of my home and I'm extremely pleased that I did. I enjoyed the experience of selling my home because of Joe's performance and also because he has a super team supporting him. We ended up selling in a short time for 99% of asking price. Joe Cusimano's Home Selling System is totally different from what anyone else is doing. I definitely recommend Joe's service whether you're buying or selling a selling.

    ~James C. - Henderson, NV 


    "I had my home listed with another agent prior to hiring Joe Cusimano, but my house didn't sell. When I decided to let Joe's team do the job for me, I knew immediately that I would have a different experience. Joe advertised my house more, and his team members were more knowledgeable and professional. Joe runs his business more like a company. In contrast to the negative experience I had with the other agent (where I always felt I was bothering them when we phoned for information), with Joe's Team everyone in the office had a role. When I had a question, they were always able to answer it. This gave me a lot more confidence in the process.

    ~Marian E. - Las Vegas, NV

    j grove.png

    "Joe Cusimano was the real estate agent I was looking for to sell my home. He lived up to all the promises he gave me in his presentation and more. With Joe, at the helm my house sold in 36 days. Joe made what could've been an exhausting and trying experience a pleasure. I would recommend Joe Cusimano to anyone and everyone I meet who wants to sell their home."

    ~J Grove. - Henderson, NV


    "I really liked having Joe as my agent. From signing to selling he called weekly as he said he would with updates and made the selling experience pain free. Plus, he delivered the price I wanted. I'm happy. WOW!"

    ~Marcia C. - Las Vegas


    "Thank you Joe for all you did, we were really surprised we had a buyer within 6 days our house went on the market. We were happy that you sold our home for over $25,000 more than the other in the neighborhood. Peter and I would recommend your team to other sellers!"

    ~Sandra F. - Las Vegas, NV

    "Joe is one of the most professional people I know. So much in fact, I've purchased two homes and sold one through him and his team. He was always available, courteous, and thoughtful in our wants and needs in a home. My home sold within 27 days of being on the market for full asking price! I recommend Joe to all of my friends and family. 

    Amazing person to work with!"

    ~Stephanie C. - Henderson, NV


    "I would like to take the opportunity to thank Joe Cusimano and his team for all their help in the recent sale of my home. I had some family issues and needed to get my home sold fast and for top dollar. Joe's team did a great job of keeping me up to date and making sure things were looked after at this end. Joe, you made my move to Wyoming worry-free. Thank you!"

    ~Debra M. - Henderson, NV


    "Joe and his team provided us with very professional service in the sale of our home. Every step in the process was well organized and well executed. We got a quick sale (Our home sold in just 29 days) and the price we wanted."

    ~Georgiana A. - Henderson, NV


    "After 120 days without a sale we fired the "neighborhood expert". We decided we would sell it ourselves which turned out to be mistake number two because as soon as we listed it for sale by owner it seemed like every agent in town was calling trying to get us to list the house with them. I laugh because when Joe called me and said he had buyers I almost hung up on him, but he said he would show us his list of buyers. We met and liked what he showed us so we hired Joe on January 4th and by January 19th we had an accepted full price offer on the house. It turned out that Joe really did have the buyer for our house in his database."

    ~Ray and Nellie G. - Las Vegas, NV


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